The quality of polyurethane foam (PU) depends on how they are formed. Its important to record the parameters of the foams creation process with use of proper measurement tools and monitor the production process for any changes by taking representative samples. Ensurance of high quality of production is achieved by measuring the proper parameters from the samples of a product from current production process and comparing them with approved standards to which the main (reference) curves are compared to. Many automotive companies specializing in production of elements for car equipment utilize this method in their current production. For purposes of quality control those methods are also used by companies producing furniture or isolation materials and in  construction line of business. Thanks to use of foam measurement system, its easy to analize the influence of modification of its contents in regard to its characteristics when its formed. There is also a possibility of similar testing for any hourogenic agents, stabilizers and stirring time. FOAMAT® system meets high requirements for both the accuracy of measurement, and diversity of the products which can be tested with it.

Functions of FOAMAT system:

  • measurement of foam growth and measurement of profile of foam growth
  • measurement of reaction temperature
  • measurement of pressure
  • determination of viscosity level
  • measurement of dielectric polarization


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