Transportation of loose materials that do not fall freely requires special attention. In devices that work automatically its imperative to ensude continuity of work, therefore the falling of loose materials must be fluid. Many loose materials tend to densify during storage. That means that the air is leaking out from between the powder particles. Depending on size of the particles, their shape, strenght of pull between them, and thickening properties, the materials forms into a bulk which cannot be emptied from the container without additional help.

Products from Ingtec company solve those problems thru fluidization of the containers outlets. This is achieved by air or other gas passing thru porous, flat material, with a fixed velocity and ammount, this aerates the loose materials. Thru streams of air, single particles are separated so that their attractive force and the risk of particles scraping against each other is lowered.

Swiss company Ingtec has been developing the fluidization technology for over 50 years and is a leader in this line of business. There are other devices also being used to assist the removal of loose materials from containers, such as scrapers, vibration bottoms, bottoms with a screw, compressed air guns or wave-making devices.

Fluidization devices for loose materials have the following advantages:

  • reliable movement
  • emptying the container of any remaining material
  • increase of the pratical capacity of the container
  • improvement of unloading the container in pneumatic transportation devices
  • possibility of further expanding the system

ingtec - fluidyzacja

We are pleased to announce that our company was among the winners of the prestigious group of "Forbes Diamonds" 2020. "Forbes Diamonds" is an annual ranking of companies that have most effectively increased their value in the last three years.



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