Thanks to cooperation with Pendraulik/Disperlux company we are offering You a broad choice of laboratory devices. The offer of our german partner is additionally enchanced with products  from proLAB – disolver with automated oscillation, dual drive disolver as well as planetary disolver for high viscosity products.

Pendraulik/Disperlux disolvers are very effective devices for dispergation, mixing, disolving and distributing of solid substances in  liquids. They thoroughly moisturize and dispergate pigments and fillers in different setups in dyeing, chemical and plastic industries. Typical products include emulsions, coatings, backing, PCV pastes, caoutchouc, glues, binding agents, resin solutions etc.

They are equipped with regulated transmission (Pendraulik models) or highly efficient motors controled by variable frequency drive (Disperlux models), which ensures high quality and gives the opportunity for usage in many different applications. They are performing greatly during laboratory tests including polyurethane foam, working with our FOAMAT system for measurement of foam parameters.

Results of laboratory tests can be directly referenced (after scaling) to any production process.
Single drive disolvers from proLAB are buildt on basis of mechanics from Pendraulik/Disperlux, however they are equipped with different control panels – for cooperation with FOAMAT – foam parameter measurement system or control system based on driver. Thanks to use of driver, USB port and the ability of communication with spreadsheets as well as measurements of temperature and torque or the ability to work in reception or archiving modes, the equipment has an even broader range of work. Each device from Pendraulik/Disperlux can be made with proLAB controls.

ProLAB also produces and delivers single drive oscilation disolvers, dual drive disolvers and planetary disolvers.

Equipment offered by us is also available for areas with explosion hazard as per ATEX directive.

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We are pleased to announce that our company was among the winners of the prestigious group of "Forbes Diamonds" 2020. "Forbes Diamonds" is an annual ranking of companies that have most effectively increased their value in the last three years.



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